Legalized Cannabis – Montreal 1

When in Rome… right?!

Canada is awesome for great many reasons and one of the five countries I could move to from Finland, but legalizing cannabis in such a well controlled way, is surely one of them, even if not on the top ten list of those reasons.

The best selection of types of buds I’ve ever seen.
Eating cannabis is obviously less harmful than smoking it. This particular specimen tasted amazing.

From Wikipedia: The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on 17 October 2018 and made Canada the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of cannabis and its by-products.[3] Canada is the first G7 and G20 nation to do so.

They’re still not reckless – far from it. As far as I’m concerned, Canada is showing a great example how to do it.

Supposedly, there is only one major ganja outlet in Montreal, and it’s this one.
For us more inclined to being told what to do, here’s a comforting sight from the Montreal airport

These guys seemed to have really thought this through, even if they’re not that great at ice-hockey. As of this date, the country still hasn’t slipped into anarchy. In fact, it scores best in the world for quality of life. Cannabis is hardly to blame, but legalizing it does seem to correlate with being a liberal state, in 2019.

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