Majahual, Maya Jungle 2

What an awesome day it was yesterday for all of us, to know that our jungle project got financially covered by my friends and family from many different countries for the next two weeks.

That cover allows our crew to stay away from other people while the virus roams and instead, create a totally new path to the jungle – for our future houses there!

We started with coffee, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever drank black coffee that good. Our team made like 4 litres of it and took most of it with us. We had breakfast and headed off to the jungle.

Although I earlier said that we’d find the cenote today, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the picture we earlier saw in Google maps was actually a lake, and quite a dried up one at that.

We did find quite a few interesting things though. Some dead shells of animals and tracks of live ones – even a jaguar! We also DID find some water, but it wasn’t enough for even one of us to bathe in. :/

Birds’ nest, Nico and Maya.

After we explored the dried lake a little, we headed back, for it was starting to be midday and way too hot, at least for me and Anu. I sent Martin and Omar to the shop and gave them a thousand pesos for shopping (€40). With this, they got all the stuff in the pic, including two six packs of beer and still waiting to buy three 20L containers of water and a hundred pesos left.

Tomorrow is a day off, but we’re planning to use it for fixing the fishing net we found a couple of weeks ago and go fishing with it.

Thank you all for donating to our jungle project – we are all very grateful!

To be continued…

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