Progressing slowly

Today we were supposed to have day off but after someone popped up the question last night, whether I’m coming the following morning, I felt that I wouldn’t be left out – so I decided to join them again today.

After making some breakfast and coffee, we headed out to clean the ruins we had found earlier. Armed with a couple rakes, machetes and an axe, we headed out.

Nico had this fella in his shoe and it bit him, but I guess it wasn’t poisonous. Either that, or Nico is delirious on the background.

We cleared out a lot of rocks from underneath the leaves, little roots and some earth today, but I failed to take a good picture of the results, because of the contrast – the ruins are in shade, while outside it’s very bright, especially at noon, when we finished.

…and after. I’ll take better pictures tomorrow morning.
Maya and Martin cutting pieces of the steel to make weights for the fishing net.
Nobody’s stealing my bike!
Sorting out the net
One does not simply fix a fishing net
Small, but tasty!
Martin, Maya and Mario planning where they will place the net.
Maya and Mario are placing the net a little off shore.
Caracolas for dinner!

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